Recette Tomates

Tomato recipes

La Rentrée

Fruit pie special for back to school Felix et Co.


Cassoulet from French Chef Christian Constant

Valentine's day

Restaurant Violin D'Ingres chou

Stuffed cabbage special

Le Petit dejeuner de Cafe Constant

Breakfast specials

Menu du Jour

Special of the day

Salade Niçoise

Salad of the day

Coquille St Jacques

Summertime meals

Bonconcino Dai Dai

Champagne cocktails with Venetian Bonconcino ice cream cubes at The Ritz.

Mother's day

Milk and champagne for mother's day.

Les Bibent de Christian Constant

L'heure du thé en Toulouse. Tea time in Toulouse.


Restaurant Les Bibent Teatime

Tea time in Toulouse


easter egg



Truffles in Paris

Christmas Garland

Apple pie

Apple for the teacher.

Restaurant Violin D'ingres and Velib

Violin d'ingres Restaurant

Chef's special

farmer and friend

Valentine's day